We cover your digital shift.

We assess your organisation’s current position and goals and lay out a solid conceptual foundation. We build up the necessary skills and mind-set within your organisation to think and act digital. We create platforms, apps and campaigns with your team, and get them in shape for the digital world by introducing them bit by bit to their new tools and processes. We are the catalyst for your digital evolution.

Who we are

We are the netzstrategen (German for internet strategians). As an international team of digital experts, we see ourselves as Digital Natives and Pioneers. Our shared passion is the constant evolution of the digital world in all its aspects. This is what fuels our interdisciplinary project teams and ensures your success.

netzstrategen Team at Alter Schlachthof in Karlsruhe

What we offer

The digital ecosystem requires a wide spectrum of expertise to cover all angles. We are a diverse team and always take a holistic approach to your organisation. This allows us to always use the appropriate service to solve the right problems. Because only the right choice of tools can ensure that they stay solved.
We’re no fan of one hit wonders, so we work closely with you to implement sustainable strategies which will keep you on the ball and on track. Our path always takes us along your value chains: From analysis and strategy, through training and coaching to design, implementation and marketing, we offer a variety of initiatives to best support your growth.

We assess, plan and secure your entry into the digital world.


We find the factors for your success and evaluate your current situation.


We cover your new strategy from many angles to find the best ideas.


Through close cooperation we build a living project structure and always prepare for the next step.

We take a coaching approach in sharing our knowledge to empower your team.


We help you master the essentials and provide you with further insights into the digital world.


We provide you with direct feedback and help you interpret your results.


We assess your current status and provide a structured path to round off your knowledge.

We develop your tools and tailor them to your needs by closely involving you in the process.


We think from the perspective of your users to create compelling digital touchpoints.


We get your project off the ground as soon as possible with future-ready, field-proven assets.


We help you engage the market with your content by pinpointing target groups and creating multi-layered marketing campaigns.

We define your digital KPIs and identify new opportunities by comparing them with industry benchmarks.


We track the ripples you create online and distill them into relevant numbers.


Everything leaves footprints online. We find the ones that matter most.


It’s always important to know what the competiton is up to. We help you see.

We offer topic driven experiences for your team members to grow a common vision and mutual understanding.


Sometimes opinions clash. We provide neutral ground to unite your team.


We are awed by the evolution of the digital world. We gladly share our enthusiasm with you to generate the best ideas.


Change is always a challenge to the status quo. We turn your team into agents of change by involving them from the get-go.

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Selected Clients

PC Games
Heise Online
Carl Zeiss 3D Automation GmbH
Fahrrad XXL
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Mittelbayerische Zeitung
M. DuMont Schauberg
KIT – Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

Working with us

We follow one simple rule: We deliver upon our promises. No matter if the promise was made to a colleague, client or partner.

Expect empathy.
We want to understand your business, your history, your situation and your goals. Hence, we ask a lot of questions to ensure that our understanding of your business is dead on.
Expect speed.
The digital world turns fast and without pause - there's no time to lose. We always put the pedal to the metal, ignite sparks and deliver feedback quickly. Nobody waits for us!
Expect change.
We strive to find the most disruptive leverage for your business situation - no matter if this is a fundamental shift in your business strategy or a detailed marketing measure. We will get you out of any undesirable boxes!
Expect 100% netzstrategen
We operate at eye level, get deeply involved in your business and ask the hard questions. Mutual trust is a must have.

Our home

Since the beginning of 2012 we are located in the “old slaughteryards” in the east of Karlsruhe. The area was built in 1885 next to army barracks and the castle “Gottesaue”. Unlike how it would be done today, the slaughteryards were built in a castleground-like layout by the city’s architect Wilhelm Strieder – which gives a special charm to the buildings, regardless of their rather grim original purpose.

Old Meatpacking District

As we continued to grow, we needed more space and thus moved into a bigger building. In January 2015 we traded the “pigsty” for the “cowshed”, doubling our office space in the process. It has the same layout, but two stories of identical size instead of one. Next to the famous theatre and stage “Tollhaus”, the pretty cool punk bar “Alte Hackerei” and the music club “Substage”, we feel right at home and are prepared to grow further.

Our hood - the old Meatpacking District.

Up until 1990, animals were herded across the street from the market to the slaughterhouses. Our building was built in 1887 and is now protected by heritage recognition.